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Skandham-5. Chapter-2. Slokam-15. :

O best among those performing austerities, where did you get this wonderful
beauty that dismantles the austerities performed by others? Where have you
learned this art? What austerity have you undergone to achieve this beauty, my
dear friend? I desire that you join me to perform austerity and penance, for it
may be that the creator of the universe, Lord Brahmä, being pleased with me,
has sent you to become my wife.

Agnidhra appreciated the wonderful beauty of Purvacitti. Indeed, he was
surprised to see such exceptional beauty, which must have been the result of
past austerities and penances. He therefore asked the girl whether she had
achieved such beauty just to break the penances and austerities of others. He
thought that Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, might have been
pleased with him and might therefore have sent her to become his wife. He
requested Purvacitti to become his wife so that together they could perform
austerities and penances in family life. In other words, a suitable wi…

Skandham-5. Chapter-2. Slokam-14. :

My mind is already restless, and by playing with a ball, moving it all about
with your lotuslike palm, you are also agitating my eyes. Your curling black hair
is now scattered, but you are not attentive to arranging it. Are you not going to
arrange it? Like a man attached to women, the most cunning wind is trying to
take off your lower garment. Are you not mindful of it?

The girl Purvacitti was playing with a ball in her hand, and the ball seemed
like nothing but another lotus flower captured by her lotuslike palm. Because
of her movements, her hair was loose, and the belt holding her cloth was giving
way, as if the cunning wind were trying to make her naked. Yet she paid no
attention to arranging her hair or fixing her dress. As Agnidhra tried to see
the girl's naked beauty, his eyes were very agitated by her movements.


Skandham-5. Chapter-2. Slokam-13.

My dear friend, what do you eat to maintain your body? Because you are
chewing betel, a pleasing scent is emanating from your mouth. This proves that
you always eat the remnants of food offered to Vishnu. Indeed, you must also be
an expansion of Lord Vishnu's body. Your face is as beautiful as a pleasing lake.
Your jeweled earrings resemble two brilliant sharks with unblinking eyes like
those of Vishnu, and your own eyes resemble two restless fish. Simultaneously,
therefore, two sharks and two restless fish are swimming in the lake of your
face. Besides them, the white rows of your teeth seem like rows of very
beautiful swans in the water, and your scattered hair resembles swarms of
bumblebees following the beauty of your face.

The devotees of Lord Vishnu are also His expansions. They are called
vibhinnamsa. Lord Vishnu is offered all kinds of sacrificial ingredients, and
because devotees always eat prasadam, the remnants of His food, the scent of
sacrificial ingredients emanates not only from…

Skandham-5. Chapter-2. Slokam-12.

O best friend, will you kindly show me the place where you reside? I cannot
imagine how the residents of that place have gotten such wonderful bodily
features as your raised breasts, which agitate the mind and eyes of a person like
me who sees them. Judging by the sweet speech and kind smiles of those
residents, I think that their mouths must contain nectar.

Still bewildered, Agnidhra wanted to see the place from which the
brähmaëa boy had come, where the men had such raised breasts. Such
attractive features, he thought, must be due to the severe austerities performed
there. Agnidhra addressed the girl as suhåttama, the best friend, so that she
would not refuse to take him there. Not only was Agnidhra captivated by the
girl's raised breasts; he was also attracted by her sweet speech. Nectar seemed
to emanate from her mouth, and therefore he was increasingly surprised.


Skandham-5. Chapter-2. Slokam-11 :

Agnidhra then praised Purvacitti's raised breasts. He said: My dear
brahmana your waist is very thin, yet with great difficulty you are carefully
carrying two horns, to which my eyes have become attracted. What is filling
those two beautiful horns? You seem to have spread fragrant red powder upon
them, powder that is like the rising morning sun. O most fortunate one, I beg to
inquire where you have gotten this fragrant powder that is perfuming my
asrama, my place of residence.

Agnidhra appreciated Purvacitti's raised breasts. After seeing the girl's
breasts, he became almost mad. Nevertheless, he could not recognize whether
Purvacitti was a boy or a girl, for as a result of his austerity, he saw no
distinction between the two. He therefore addressed her with the word dvija,
"O brahmana." Yet why should a dvija, a brahmana boy, have horns on his
chest? Because the boy's waist was thin, Agnidhra thought, he was carrying the
horns with great difficulty. and therefore they mu…