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"Answering by Citing the Lord's Version"

Skandham-2. Chapter-9. Slokam-1 to 46.Answering by Citing the Lord's Version:-(1) S'uka said: 'Without the drive of the [Super-]soul, o King, there will never be any good in the spirited consciousness of the beyond relating to the material body, which is then to the seer completely like in a dream. (2) Driven in matter the many forms that appear to have manifested experience different sorts of enjoyment according the modes of the material world and thus they think of 'I' and 'mine'. (3) Whenever indeed, in his own glory of transcendence to the time of the material energy, he [the living entity] enjoys the freedom from misconceptions, then, in that fullness, he will give up those two. (4) 'The reality of the soul is the goal of purification' is what the Supreme Lord factually told the Creator showing him His Form when he was without any misunderstanding in vows and worship (5) He, the first godly person in the universe, as the supreme spiritual teacher…

"Questions by King Parikchit"

Skandham-2.Chapter-8. Slokam-1 to  29.Questions by King Parîkchit (1) The king asked: 'How did Nârada, being instructed by Lord Brahmâ, o brahmin, explain the modes and their transcendence, and whom did he explain it to?' (2) This I wish to understand o best one: what is the reality of those who are in the Absolute of the truth of the Lord who is so full of wonderful potencies and of whom the narrations are so auspicious for all the worlds?  (3) Please continue, o one of great fortune, as I likewise unto the Supreme of the soul have put myself to Lord Krishna, with my thoughts freed from material association in the renouncing of my body. (4) Those who with faith, regularly take to the matter and as well seriously endure in the endeavor, will after not too long a time see the Supreme Lord appear in their hearts. (5) Thus receiving it through their ears from the love of their own liberation, this lotus [the Bhâgavatam] of Krishna cleanses the lower from qualities like the waters …


Skandham-2.Chapter-7. Slokam- 1 to 53.Brief Description of the Past and Coming Avatâras(1) The Creator said: 'When the Lord attempted to lift the earth out of the great ocean [- the Garbodhaka],He assumed for His pastimes the form of the sum total of all sacrifices as the Unlimited One within the universe, being faced with the the first demon [called Hyranyâksa, the demon of gold] who was defeated by Him with His tusk [Him considered as the boar-avatâra Varâha] as if He was a thunderbolt piercing a pack of clouds.(2) From Âkûti ['good intention'], the wife of the Prajâpati, Suyajna ['appropriate sacrifice'] was born who with his wife Dakshinâ ['the reward'] gave birth to the godly headed by Suyama ['proper regulation'] by which He greatly diminished the distress in the three worlds and because of which the father of mankind called Svâyambhuva Manu was named Hari [the Lord].(3) Next He took birth in the house of the twice born Kardama ['the shadow…

"The Hymn of the Original Person Confirmed"


Slokam- 1 to 46.The Hymn of the Original Person Confirmed.(1) The Creator said: 'Voicing the fire the mouth is the center generating the hymns to which there are seven coverings [worlds ...] of offering the nectar and all sorts of food to the tongue in respect of all the delicate. (2) To the nose there is the life-air and the air outside for the generation of the transcendental experience of longevity [the As'vini demigods] with all the medicinal herbs and the taking of pleasure in fragrances. (3) The eyes that see all kinds of forms as also all illumined that glitters to the eyeball of the sun accompany the hearing of the ears from all directions of all the sounds of veneration resounding in the sky. (4) His surface [of the Universal Form] is the ground for all articles and auspicious opportunities as well as the field for production, while His skin of the moving airs makes the touch surely generating all kinds of sacrifices also. (5) His bodily hair is t…

"The Cause of all Cäuses."

Skandham:-2. Chapter-5. Slokam: 1 to 42.The Cause of all Causes(1) Nârada said [to the Creator]: 'My obeisances to you, o god of the demi-gods, as you are the first one, giving life to the living beings. Please explain which knowledge specifically directs the transcendental. (2) What is the form, the background and from where is this world created, o master, how is it conserved, what controls it and please what of this is factually real? (3) All this for sure is known by your good self, as you know all that has become, will become and is becoming, master, the universe is like a walnut in your scientific grip. (4) What is the source of your wisdom, under whose protection and ordination are you and in what capacity do you alone create the lives of all beings with the elements of matter that are for sure empowered by the soul? (5) Employed like a spider, you self-sufficient manifest without any help out of your own all those [lives] without being defeated yourself. (6) Whether or not I…

"The Process of Creation"

Skandham-2. Chapter-4.Slokam 1 to 25.  The Process of Creation(1) Sûta said: "Just having realized what S'ukadeva Gosvâmî thus spoke about the verification of the reality of the soul, the chaste son of Uttarâ [Parîkchit] concentrated himself upon Lord Krishna. (2) In order not to be constantly disturbed, he gave up his deep-rooted affinity with his body, his wife, his son, his treasury and all his relatives and friends in the kingdom. (3-4) The great soul in full faith inquired for the purpose of this exactly the way you are asking me, o great sages. Being informed of his death he renounced his fruitive activity according the three principles [- of selfrealization: renouncing religious acts, economic development and sense gratification] and everything thereto and thus firmly fixed he achieved the attraction of love for the Supreme Lord Vâsudeva. (5) The king said: 'What you said is perfectly right, o learned one; being without contaminations you know it all and make the da…

"Pure Devotional Service: The Change of Heart"

Skandham-2. Chapter-3.  Slokam- 1 to 25.  Pure Devotional Service: The Change in Heart (1) S'rî S'ukadeva said: 'For the intelligent among men, I have given you all the answers in response to the inquiring of your good self about the human being on the threshold of death. (2-7) The ones who desire for the luster of the absolute worship the master of the Vedas; Indra, the King of Heaven is for the ones desiring strength of the senses [sex] and the Prajâpatis [the strong progenitors] are for those who desire offspring. The goddess [Durgâ] is for those desiring after the beauty of the material world, the firegod for the ones desiring power, for wealth there are the Vasus [a type of demigod] and the incarnations of Rudra [Lord S'iva] are for those wishing for strength and heroism. For a good harvest the mother of the demigods Aditi is worshiped, desiring heaven one worships her sons, for those desiring royal riches there are the Vis'vadeva demigods and for a commerci…

"The Lord in the Heart"

Skandham-2. Chapter-2.  Slokam- 1 to 37. The Lord in the Heart (1) S'rî S'uka said: 'Soon, the soul from its birth, meditating the Universal Form regains its lost memories in thus finding peace with the Lord, whereafter, with a cleared vision, it can rebuild its life the way it was before. (2) For certain the adherence to the spiritual makes the intelligence, because of its many names, ponder over meaningless ideas in which one wanders around in realities of illusion and its different desires without ever enjoying, as if one is dreaming. (3) Therefore the enlightened person in the world of names should restrict himself to the bare necessities without being mad of desire, intelligently being fixed [on the Universal Form] in order to be successful. He should arrive at the practical insight that otherwise he would endeavor for the sake of hard work only. (4) What is the need of a bed, when one can lie on the ground; what is the need of a pillow when one has his arms; why sh…