Skandham-5. Chapter-2. Slokam-13.

My dear friend, what do you eat to maintain your body? Because you are
chewing betel, a pleasing scent is emanating from your mouth. This proves that
you always eat the remnants of food offered to Vishnu. Indeed, you must also be
an expansion of Lord Vishnu's body. Your face is as beautiful as a pleasing lake.
Your jeweled earrings resemble two brilliant sharks with unblinking eyes like
those of Vishnu, and your own eyes resemble two restless fish. Simultaneously,
therefore, two sharks and two restless fish are swimming in the lake of your
face. Besides them, the white rows of your teeth seem like rows of very
beautiful swans in the water, and your scattered hair resembles swarms of
bumblebees following the beauty of your face.

The devotees of Lord Vishnu are also His expansions. They are called
vibhinnamsa. Lord Vishnu is offered all kinds of sacrificial ingredients, and
because devotees always eat prasadam, the remnants of His food, the scent of
sacrificial ingredients emanates not only from Vishnu but also from the
devotees who eat the remnants of His food or the food of His devotees.
Agnidhra considered Purvacitti an expansion of Lord Vishnu because of the
pleasing scent of her body. Aside from that, because of her jeweled earrings,
shaped like sharks, because of her scattered hair, resembling bumblebees mad
after the scent of her body, and because of the white rows of her teeth, which
resembled swans, Agnidhra compared Purvacitti's face to a beautiful lake
decorated with lotus flowers, fish, swans and bumblebees.