Skandham-5. Chapter-2. Slokam-15. :

O best among those performing austerities, where did you get this wonderful
beauty that dismantles the austerities performed by others? Where have you
learned this art? What austerity have you undergone to achieve this beauty, my
dear friend? I desire that you join me to perform austerity and penance, for it
may be that the creator of the universe, Lord Brahmä, being pleased with me,
has sent you to become my wife.

Agnidhra appreciated the wonderful beauty of Purvacitti. Indeed, he was
surprised to see such exceptional beauty, which must have been the result of
past austerities and penances. He therefore asked the girl whether she had
achieved such beauty just to break the penances and austerities of others. He
thought that Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, might have been
pleased with him and might therefore have sent her to become his wife. He
requested Purvacitti to become his wife so that together they could perform
austerities and penances in family life. In other words, a suitable wife helps her
husband perform penances and austerities in household life if both of them are
on the same elevated platform of spiritual understanding. Without spiritual
understanding, husband and wife cannot be equally situated. Lord Brahma, the
creator of the universe, is interested in good progeny. Therefore unless he is
pleased, one cannot get a suitable wife. In fact, Lord Brahma is worshiped in
marriage ceremonies. In India even today, wedding invitations are still issued
with a picture of Lord Brahma on the face of the card.