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Srimad Bhagavatham :


Chapter-3.( Rsabhadeva's Appearance in the Womb of Merudevi, the
Wife of King Nabhi )


Lord Vishnu appeared before King Nabhi with four arms. He was very bright,
and He appeared to be the best of all personalities. Around the lower portion of
His body, He wore a yellow silken garment. On His chest was the mark of
Srivatsa, which always displays beauty. He carried a conchshell, lotus flower,
disc and club, and He wore a garland of forest flowers and the Kaustubha gem.
He was beautifully decorated with a helmet, earrings, bangles, belt, pearl
necklace, armlets, ankle bells and other bodily ornaments bedecked with radiant jewels. Seeing the Lord present before them, King Nabhi and his priests and associates felt just like poor people who have suddenly attained great riches. They received the Lord and respectfully bent their heads and offered Him things in worship.

It is distinctly mentioned here that the Supreme Personality of Godhead
did not appear as an ordinary human bein…

Skandham-5. Chapter-3. Slokam-2.


Chapter-3. Rshabhadeva's Appearance in the Womb of Merudevi, the Wife of King Nabhi :


In the performance of a sacrifice, there are seven transcendental means to
obtain the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead: (1) by sacrificing
valuable things or eatables, (2) by acting in terms of place, (3) by acting in
terms of time, (4) by offering hymns, (5) by going through the priest, (6) by
offering gifts to the priests and (7) by observing the regulative principles.

However, one cannot always obtain the Supreme Lord through this
paraphernalia. Nonetheless, the Lord is affectionate to His devotee; therefore
when Maharaja Nabhi, who was a devotee, worshiped and offered prayers to the
Lord with great faith and devotion and with a pure uncontaminated mind,
superficially performing some yajna in the line of pravargya, the kind Supreme
Personality of Godhead, due to His affection for His devotees, appeared before
King Nabhi in His unconquerable and captivating form with four han…

Skabndham-5. Chapter-3. Rshabhadeva's Appearance in the Womb of Merudevi, the Wife of King Nabhi :


Chapter-3. Rshabhadeva's Appearance in the Womb of Merudevi, the Wife of King Nabhi :

In this chapter the spotless character of King Nabhi, the oldest son of
Agnidhra, is described. Wanting to have sons, King Nabhi underwent.
severe austerities and penances. He performed many sacrifices along with his
wife and worshiped Lord Vishnu, master of all sacrifices. Being very kind to His
devotees, the Supreme Personality of Godhead was very pleased with the
austerities of King Nabhi. He personally appeared before the King in His
four-handed feature, and the priests, who were performing the sacrifices,
began to offer their prayers unto Him. They prayed for a son like the Lord, and
Lord Viñëu agreed to take birth in the womb of Merudevé, the wife of King
Nabhi, and incarnate as King Rshabhadeva.


Sukadeva Maharishi continued to speak: Maharaja Nabhi, the son of
Agnidhra, wished to have sons, and therefore he attentively began to offer
prayers and worship the Supreme Personality of G…

Skandham-5. Chapter-2. Slokam-22 & 23.


After Purvacitti's departure, King Agnidhra, his lusty desires not at all
satisfied, always thought of her. Therefore, in accordance with the Vedic
injunctions, the King, after his death, was promoted to the same lokam as his
celestial wife. That lokam, which is called Pitrulokam, is where the pitas, the
forefathers, live in great delight.

If one always thinks of something, he certainly gets a related body after
death.King Agnidhra was always thinking of Pitrulokam, the place where his
wife had returned. Therefore after his death he achieved that samelokam,
probably to live with her again. Bhagavadgeeta also says:

"Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body, that state he
will attain without fail." (Bg. 8.6) We can naturally conclude that if we always
think of Krishna or become fully Krishna conscious, we can be promoted to the
Vaikundam, where Lord eternally lives.


After the departure of their father, the nine brothers married the nine
daughters …

Skandham-5. Chapter-2. Slokam-20 & 21.


Purvacitti gave birth to these nine sons, one each year, but after they grew
up, she left them at home and again approached Lord Brahma to worship him.

There are many instances in which Apsaras, heavenly angels, have
descended to this earth by the order of a superior demigod like Lord Brahma or
Lord Indra, have followed the demigod's order by marrying someone and giving
birth to children, and have then returned to their celestial homes. For
example, after Menaka, the celestial woman who had come to delude
Visvamitra Maharishi, gave birth to the child Sakuntala, she left both the child and
her husband and returned to the Devalokam. Purvacitti did not remain
permanently with King Agnidhra. After cooperating in his household
affairs, she left Maharaja Agnidhra and all nine sons and returned to Brahma
to worship him.


Because of drinking the breast milk of their mother, the nine sons of
Agnidhra naturally had strong, well-built bodies. Their father gave them each a
kingdom in a d…

Skandham-5. Chapter-2. Slokam-17, 18, 19.




Sukadeva Maharishi continued: Maharaja Agnidhra, whose intelligence was
like that of a demigod, knew the art of flattering women to win them to his side.
He therefore pleased that celestial girl with his lusty words and gained her

Since King Agnidhra was a devotee, he actually had no attraction for
material enjoyment, but because he wanted a wife for progeny and Lord
Brahma had sent Purvacitti for this purpose, he expertly pleased her with
flattering words. Women are attracted by a man's flattering words. One who is
expert in this art of flattery is called vidagdha.


Attracted by the intelligence, learning, youth, beauty, behavior, opulence
and magnanimity of Agnidhra, the King of Jambudvipa and master of all heroes,
Purvacitti lived with him for many thousands of years and luxuriously enjoyed
both worldly and heavenly happiness.

By the grace of Lord Brahma, King Agnidhra and the heavenly girl.
Purvacitti, found their union quite suitable. Thus the…

Skandham-5. Chapter-2. Slokam-16. :

Lord Brahma, who is worshiped by the brahmanas, has very mercifully given
you to me, and that is why I have met you. I do not want to give up your
company, for my mind and eyes are fixed upon you and cannot be drawn away.
O woman with beautiful raised breasts, I am your follower. You may take me
wherever you like, and your friends may also follow me.

Now Agnidhra frankly admits his weakness. He was attracted to Purvacitti,
and therefore before she could say, "But I have no business with you," he
expressed his desire to be united with her. He was so attracted that he was
ready to go anywhere, hell or heaven, in her company. When one is absorbed
in lust and the influence of sex, one surrenders to the feet of a woman without
reservations.Sri Madhavacarya remarks in this connection that when one
engages in joking and talking like a crazy person, one may say anything and
everything, but his words will be meaningless.