Skandham-5. Chapter-2. Slokam-12.

O best friend, will you kindly show me the place where you reside? I cannot
imagine how the residents of that place have gotten such wonderful bodily
features as your raised breasts, which agitate the mind and eyes of a person like
me who sees them. Judging by the sweet speech and kind smiles of those
residents, I think that their mouths must contain nectar.

Still bewildered, Agnidhra wanted to see the place from which the
brähmaëa boy had come, where the men had such raised breasts. Such
attractive features, he thought, must be due to the severe austerities performed
there. Agnidhra addressed the girl as suhåttama, the best friend, so that she
would not refuse to take him there. Not only was Agnidhra captivated by the
girl's raised breasts; he was also attracted by her sweet speech. Nectar seemed
to emanate from her mouth, and therefore he was increasingly surprised.