A Summary of the Srimad Bhagavata Mahapuranam-1- 15.

1: King Parikshit’s Question to Suka Maharishi - 15.

So, what is good for us is a question that arose in the beginning itself.

The good is not merely the good of this world, which is only a relative good because that which appears to be good now may not be good tomorrow.

Also, even now, the idea that something is good is not complete, because the relativity of the character of the apparent goodness of a thing is due to the cause that is behind the appearance of this goodness, and that cause is completely out of our reasoning.

The reason why we feel satisfaction through contact of the senses with objects is not known to us.

We know only the result, but the cause of it is not known.

Some mysterious action takes place, like the operation of a person controlling puppets in a puppet show.

We see only puppets moving and enjoy the play, not knowing that somebody is manipulating strings to control their activity.

Likewise, we are not aware of what takes place when we contact things in the world that give us joy, because these are puppet shows.

 Maybe they look beautiful and we can go on enjoying them every day, but we do not know why they are moving.

They are moving due to the action of somebody else.

In a similar manner, the apparent goodness and joy of the contact of the senses with objects is due to the operation of a cause of which we are totally oblivious.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  .....