A Summary of the Srimad Bhagavata Mahapuranam-1-9.

1: King Parikshit’s Question to Suka Maharishi -9.

I can tell you with all assurance that I am the happiest man not only now when there is a kitchen to cater to all individual whims and tastes, but I was also the happiest man when I had to receive Bhiksha from Nepali-Kshetra, as also Sri Swamiji had to.

It is because I had no individuality, no idea or plan of my own; I allowed myself to be moulded by Sri Swamiji.

There was one Swami Jagadeeswarananda with us whom Sri Swamiji trained as a good lecturer.

Sri Swami Jagadeeswaranandaji's lectures on Concentration and Meditation were simply grand and eloquent.

Again there is Swami Narayanji.

In those days he was sweeping the Ashram and keeping it clean.

Today also he does the same work. He finds immense pleasure in it.

He derives supreme happiness from that work.

How is it? He had no idea of his own.

 He allowed Sri Swamiji to shape his career.

Sri Swamiji, too, has made him a good Sankirtanist. Swami Narayanji has written a wonderful English commentary on Vivekachudamani.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ..