A Summary of the Srimad Bhagavata Mahapuranam-1-3.

1: King Parikshit’s Question to Suka Maharishi - 3.

How are we to answer this question?

What is good for any person?

 In the freezing heights of the Himalayas, it is good to have a blanket over oneself.

But a blanket is not good in the hot deserts of Africa; we would like to have cold water there.

When we are hungry, it is good to have delicious food; when we are vomiting due to illness, it is good not to eat at all.

Anyone who desires his or her own good cannot answer this question of what is actually good for oneself, because whatever answer we give, we will find it is connected to some cause thereof, and it is not the final good.

Riches will end, the body will wither, and life is uncertain.

None of these things connected with life in this world can be regarded as really good in their ultimate sense.

Then, what is really good for the human individual?

The difficulty in answering this question arises because we think that we are living only in this world of sensory perception.

To this great question, Sri Suka answers in a majestic manner.

The ascent through the levels of creation through which one has to pass, and in which one is involved even at the present moment, is not merely a future event; it is only an unfolding of the involvement that is already there even at this present moment.

Suka’s answer was that we belong to all the worlds at the same time.

We are citizens of every level of existence.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ...


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