Srimad Bhagavatham : 6. 4. 15.


Chapter-4.  ( The Hamsa-guhya  Prayers )

Slokam : 15.

alam  dagdhair  drumair  dinaih  khilanam  sivam  astu  vah,

varksi  hy  esa  vara  kanya   patnitve  pratigrhyatam.

alam  =  enough;

dagdhaih  =  with burning;

drumaih  =  the trees;

dinaih  =  poor;

khilanam  =  of the remainder of the trees;

sivam  =  all good fortune;

astu  =  let there be;

vah  =  of you;

varksi  =  raised by the trees;

hi  =  indeed;

esa  =  this;

vara  =  choice;

kanya  =  daughter;

patnitve  =  into wifehood;

pratigrhyatam  =  let her be accepted.

There is no need to burn these poor trees any longer.

Let whatever trees still remain be happy.

Indeed, you should also be happy.

Now, here is a beautiful, well-qualified girl named Marisa, who was raised by the trees as their daughter.

You may accept this beautiful girl as your wife.

To be continued   ....