Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.3.9.




niyamanam  tavadesad  asmabhir  yatana-grhan,

vyamocayan  patakinam   chittva   pasan  prasahya  te.

niyamanam  =  being brought;

tava adesat  =  by your order;

asmabhih  =  by us;

yatana-grhan  =  to the torture chambers,  the hellish planets;

vyamocayan  =  released;

patakinam  =  the sinful Ajamila;

chittva  =  cutting;

pasan  =  the ropes;

prasahya  =  by force;

te  =  they.

We were bringing the most sinful Ajamila toward the hellish planets, following your order, when those beautiful persons from Siddhaloka forcibly cut the knots of the ropes with which we were arresting him.

The Yamadutas wanted to bring the Vishnudutas before Yamaraja. If Yamaraja could then have punished the Vishnudutas, the Yamadutas would have been satisfied.

To be continued  ....