Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.2.45.




evam  sa  viplavita-sarva-dharma

dasyah  patih  patito  garhya-karmana

nipatyamano  niraye  hata-vratah

sadyo  vimukto  bhagavan-nama  grhnan.

evam  =  in this way;

sah  =  he (Ajamila);

viplavita-sarva-dharmah  =  who gave up all religious principles;

dasyah  patih  =  the husband of a prostitute;

patitah  =  fallen;

garhya-karmana  =  by being engaged in abominable activities;

nipatyamanah  =  falling;

niraye  =  in hellish life;

hata-vratah  =  who broke all his vows;

 sadyah  =  immediately;

vimuktah  =  liberated;

bhagavat-nama  =  the holy name of the Lord;

grhnan  =  chanting.

Ajamila was a brahmanan who because of bad association had given up all brahminical culture and religious principles. Becoming most fallen, he stole, drank and performed other abominable acts. He even kept a prostitute. Thus he was destined to be carried away to hell by the order carriers of Yamaraja, but he was immediately rescued simply by a glimpse of the chanting of the holy name. Narayana.

To be continued  ...