Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.2,31.




atha  te  kva  gatah  siddhas  catvaras  caru-darsanah

vyamocayan  niyamanam  baddhva  pasair  adho  bhuvah

atha  =  thereafter;

te  =  those persons;

kva  =  where;

gatah  =  went;

siddhah  =  liberated;

catvarah  =  four personalities;

caru-darsanah  =  extremely beautiful to see;

vyamocayan  =  they released;

niyamanam  =  me, who was being carried away;

baddhva  =  being arrested;

pasaih  =  by ropes;

adhah bhuvah  =  downward to the hellish region.

And where have those four liberated and very beautiful persons gone who released me from arrest and saved me from being dragged down to the hellish regions?

As we have learned from the descriptions in the Fifth skandham, the naraka-lokam (hellish planets ) are situated in the lower portions of this universe. Therefore they are called adho bhuvah. Ajamila could understand that the Yamadutas had come from that region.

To be continued  ..