Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.2.14.




sanketyam  parihasyam   va  stobham   helanam   eva   va,

vaikuntha-nama-grahanam  aseshagha-haram viduh.

sanketyam  =  as an assignation;

parihasyam  =  jokingly;

va  =  or;

stobham  =  as musical entertainment;

helanam  =  neglectfully;

eva  =  certainly;

va  =  or;

vaikuntha  =  of the Lord;

nama-grahanam  =  chanting the holy name;

asesha  =  unlimited;

agha-haram  =  neutralizing the effect of sinful life;

viduh  =  advanced transcendentalists know.

One who chants the holy name of the Lord is immediately freed from the reactions of unlimited sins, even if he chants indirectly [to indicate something else], jokingly, for musical entertainment, or even neglectfully. This is accepted by all the learned scholars of the scriptures.

To be continued  ...