Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.1.30



Slokam-30. ( My dear King, the order carriers of Vishnu, the Vishnudutas, immediately arrived when they heard the holy name of their master from the mouth of the dying Ajamila, who had certainly chanted without offense because he had chanted in complete anxiety. )

nisamya    mriyamanasya   mukhato hari-kirtanam

bhartur     nama    maharaja   pasadah     sahasapatan.

nisamya   =   hearing; 

mriyamanasya   =   of the dying man; 

mukhatah   =   from the mouth; 

hari-kirtanam   =   chanting of the holy name of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; 

bhartuh nama   =   the holy name of their master; 

maha-raja   =   O King; 

parsadah   =   the order carriers of Vishnu; 

sahasa   =   immediately; 

apatan   =   arrived. 

The order carriers of Lord Vishnu came because Ajamila had chanted the holy name of Narayana. They did not consider why he was chanting. While chanting the name of Narayana, Ajamila was actually thinking of his son, but simply because they heard Ajamila chanting the Lord’s name, the order carriers of Lord Vishnu, the Vishnudutas, immediately came for Ajamila’s protection. Hari-kirtana is actually meant to glorify the holy name, form, pastimes and qualities of the Lord. Ajamila, however, did not glorify the form, qualities or paraphernalia of the Lord; he simply chanted the holy name. Nevertheless, that chanting was sufficient to cleanse him of all sinful activities. As soon as the Vishnudutas heard their master’s name being chanted, they immediately came. In this regard,  “Ajamila chanted the name of Narayana because of his excessive attachment to his son. Nevertheless, because of his past good fortune in having rendered devotional service to Narayana, he apparently chanted the holy name in full devotional service and without offenses.”

To be continued ...