Skandham-5. Chapter-2. Slokam-17, 18, 19.




Sukadeva Maharishi continued: Maharaja Agnidhra, whose intelligence was
like that of a demigod, knew the art of flattering women to win them to his side.
He therefore pleased that celestial girl with his lusty words and gained her

Since King Agnidhra was a devotee, he actually had no attraction for
material enjoyment, but because he wanted a wife for progeny and Lord
Brahma had sent Purvacitti for this purpose, he expertly pleased her with
flattering words. Women are attracted by a man's flattering words. One who is
expert in this art of flattery is called vidagdha.


Attracted by the intelligence, learning, youth, beauty, behavior, opulence
and magnanimity of Agnidhra, the King of Jambudvipa and master of all heroes,
Purvacitti lived with him for many thousands of years and luxuriously enjoyed
both worldly and heavenly happiness.

By the grace of Lord Brahma, King Agnidhra and the heavenly girl.
Purvacitti, found their union quite suitable. Thus they enjoyed worldly and
heavenly happiness for many thousands of years.


In the womb of Purvacitti, Maharaja Agnidhra, the best of kings, begot nine
sons, named Nabhi, Kimpurusa, Harivarsa, Ilavarta, Ramyaka, Hiranmaya,
Kuru, Bhadrasva and Ketumala.