Skandham-5. Chapter-3. Slokam-2.


Chapter-3. Rshabhadeva's Appearance in the Womb of Merudevi, the Wife of King Nabhi :


In the performance of a sacrifice, there are seven transcendental means to
obtain the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead: (1) by sacrificing
valuable things or eatables, (2) by acting in terms of place, (3) by acting in
terms of time, (4) by offering hymns, (5) by going through the priest, (6) by
offering gifts to the priests and (7) by observing the regulative principles.

However, one cannot always obtain the Supreme Lord through this
paraphernalia. Nonetheless, the Lord is affectionate to His devotee; therefore
when Maharaja Nabhi, who was a devotee, worshiped and offered prayers to the
Lord with great faith and devotion and with a pure uncontaminated mind,
superficially performing some yajna in the line of pravargya, the kind Supreme
Personality of Godhead, due to His affection for His devotees, appeared before
King Nabhi in His unconquerable and captivating form with four hands. In this
way, to fulfill the desire of His devotee, the Supreme Personality of Godhead
manifested Himself in His beautiful body before His devotee. This body pleases
the mind and eyes of the devotees.

"One can understand the Supreme Personality as He is only by devotional
service. And when one is in full consciousness of the Supreme Lord by such
devotion, he can enter into the kingdom of God." (Bhagavadgeeta: 18.55)
One can understand and see the Supreme Personality of Godhead through
the process of devotional service, and not in any other way. Although
Maharaja Nabhi performed prescribed duties and sacrifices, it should still be
considered that the Lord appeared before him not due to his sacrifices but
because of his devotional service. It was for this reason that the Lord agreed to
appear before him in His beautiful bodily features.
The Supreme Lord in His original nature is very beautiful.  
The Supreme Personality of Godhead, although blackish, is very, very beautiful.