Skandham-5. Chapter-2. (Maharaja Agnidhara) Slokam-9.& 10.


Chapter-2. (Maharaja Agnidhara)


Seeing the bumblebees following Purvacitti, Aganidhra said: My
dear Lord, the bumblebees surrounding your body are like disciples surrounding your worshipable self. 

They are incessantly chanting the mantras of the Sama Veda and the Upanishads, thus offering prayers to you. 

Just as great sages resort  to the branches of Vedic literatures, the bumblebees are enjoying the showers of flowers falling from your hair.


O brahmana, I can simply hear the tinkling of your ankle bells. Within those
bells, tittiri birds seem to be chirping among themselves. 

Although I do not see their forms, I can hear how they are chirping. When I look at your beautiful circular hips, I see they are the lovely color of kadamba flowers, and your waist is encircled by a belt of burning cinders. Indeed, you seem to have forgotten to dress yourself.

With lusty desires to see Purvacitti, Agnidhra especially gazed upon the
girl's attractive hips and waist. 

When a man looks upon a woman with such lusty desires, he is captivated by her face, her breasts and her waist, for a woman first attracts a man to fulfill his sexual desires by the beautiful features of her face, by the beautiful slope of her breasts and also by her waist.

Purvacitti was dressed in fine yellow silk, and therefore her hips looked like
kadamba flowers. Because of her belt, her waist seemed to be encircled by
burning cinders. 

She was fully dressed, Agnidhra had become so lusty that he asked, "Why have you come naked?"