Skandham-5. Chapter-1. Slokam- 20.

Sri Sukadeva Mahrishi  continued: After thus being fully instructed by Lord
Brahma, who is the spiritual master of the three worlds, Priyavrata, his own
position being inferior, offered obeisances, accepted the order and carried it out
with great respect.

Sri Priyavrata was the grandson of Lord Brahma. Therefore according to
social etiquette, his position was inferior. It is the duty of the inferior to carry
out the order of the superior with great respect. Priyavrata therefore
immediately said, "Yes, sir. I shall carry out your order." Priyavrata is described
as a Mahabhagavatham,  a great devotee. The duty of a great devotee is to carry
out the order of the spiritual master, or the spiritual master of the spiritual
master in the paramparä system. As described in Bhagavad-geeta (4.2), evam 
parampara  praptam : one has to receive the instructions of the Supreme Lord
through the disciplic chain of spiritual masters. A devotee of the Lord always
considers himself a servant of the servant of the servant of the Lord [Cc.
Madhya 13.80].