"Victory of Hiranyâksha over All the Directions of the Universe:"




Slokam- 1 to 31.

Victory of Hiranyâksha over All the Directions of the Universe:

(1) Maitreya said: 'Hearing the explanation of Brahmâ about the cause of the fear, freed the ones who were of the transcendental. Then all of them returned to the threefold of their worlds. (2) Diti the virtuous lady, apprehensive about the trouble for a lifetime her husband had spoken of in relation to her children, begot two twin sons. (3) When they were born, there were many natural disturbances in the divine, the earthly and in outer space which caused great fear to the world. (4) The mountains and the earth shook with earthquakes and there seemed to be coming fire from all directions with meteors falling, thunderbolts, comets and inauspicious constellations. (5) Sharp winds blew constantly making hissing sounds and armies of cyclons uprooted the greatest trees with dustclouds for their ensigns. (6) Amassing clouds obscured the luminaries with lightning laughing aloud in the sky; everything was enveloped in darkness and nothing could be seen. (7) Stricken with sorrow, the ocean wailed with high waves and agitated creatures and the drinking places and the rivers were disturbed with the lotusses withering. (8) All the time misty halo's appeared around the sun and moon that had eclipses, claps of thunder were heard and ratling sounds of chariots resounded from the mountain caves. (9) Inside the villages fearful jackhals vomited fire from their mouths with cries of owls and the ominous howling along of she-jackhals. (10) As if singing at times and then like wailing did the dogs raise their necks uttering various cries. (11) The asses, o Vidura, where striking the earth hard with their hooves braying wildly running mad hither and thither in herds. (12) Shrieking from the stir birds flew frightened up from their nests and the cattle passed dung and urine in the cowsheds and the woods. (13) The cows afraid yielded blood and clouds rained pus; the idols shed tears and trees fell down without a blast of wind. (14) The most auspicious planets and the others where in conjunction with the luminaries, had retrogade courses or took conflicting positions. (15) Seeing more of this, not knowing the secret of all these great omens of evil, were all the people, except for the sons of Brahmâ, afraid and thought that the world was about to end. (16) The two god-forsaken souls born from the original source grew quickly manifesting uncommon bodies that were like steel with the size of mountains. (17) The crests of their helmets touched the sky as they blocked all directions with their brilliant bracelets on their arms and the earth shook at every step of their feet while the beauty of the decorated belts around their waist outshone the sun.


(18) Kas'yapa gave the two their names: the one of the twin from his flesh and blood that was delivered first he indeed called Hiranyakas'ipu ['the one feeding on gold'] and the one Diti gave birth to who was the first to be known by the people he called Hiranyâksha ['the one with the spirit for gold']. (19) From a blessing by Lord Brahmâ did Hiranyakas'ipu manage to seize control over the three worlds and their protectors, being puffed up of fearing death from no one. (20) Hiranyâksha, his beloved younger brother always willing to do him a favor, was, with a club in his hands and ready to fight, traversing the higher spheres seeking violent opposition. (21) He had a temper difficult to control, tinkling anklets of gold and the adornment of a very large garland over his shoulders upon which rested his huge mace. (22) Proud of his physical and mental strength and the boon conferred upon him, he could not be checked, as he feared no one. The godly afraid hid themselves for Him as if they were snakes frightened of Garuda. (23) He, the instrument of the ones of Diti [the Daitya's], discovering that Indra and the power-intoxicated multitude of the godly had vanished so that he couldn't find them, roared loudly. (24) Giving up his search, just for the sport producing that terrible sound, did the mighty being dive into the ocean, in wrath like an elephant.


(25) As he entered the ocean, were the defenders of Varuna, the ones who lived under water, depressed with fear and not being hit yet they, stricken by his splendor, fled hurried away as far as they could. (26) He, roaming the ocean for many years, with great force time and again struck the mighy waves tossed by the wind with his mace and thus reached Vibhâvarî, o Vidura, the capital of Varuna. (27) There having reached the region of the unenlightened, he smiling, just to make fun, like a low-born one bowed down before Varuna, the Lord and guardian of the ones living submerged and said: 'O great Lord, give me battle ! (28) You are the guardian of this place, a renown ruler. Of your power, that diminished the pride of the conceited heroes and by which you conquered all Daithyas and Danavas [the sons of Diti and Daksha's daughter Danu, considered as demons] in the world, you once performed a grand royal [râjasûya] sacrifice, o Master.' (29) Thus being deeply mocked by an enemy of a boundless vanity, did the respectable Lord of the waters grew angry, but checking it by reason he replied: ' O my best, we have now left the path of warfare. (30) I can think of no other than the most ancient person who in battle with you will be that skilled in the tactics of war that it will satisfy you, o king of the world; approach Him who even is praised by heroes like you. (31) Reaching Him you will, o great hero , quickly get rid of your pride and go down on the battlefield to join the dogs. It is for exterminating the false that you are and to show the virtuous His grace, that He desires to assume His forms.'



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