Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.3.18.




bhutani  vishnoh  sura-pujitani

durdarsa-lingani  mahadbhutani

raksanti  tad-bhaktimatah parebhyo

mattaa  ca  martyan  atha  sarvatas  ca.

bhutani  =  living entities or servants;

vishnah  =  of Lord Vishnu;

sura-pujitani  =  who are worshiped by the demigods;

durdarsa-lingani  =  possessing forms not easily seen;

maha-adbhutani  =  greatly wonderful;

rakshanti  =  they protect;

tat-bhakti-matah  =  the devotees of the Lord;

parebhyah  =  from others who are inimical;

mattah  =  from me (Yamaraja) and my order carriers;

ca  =  and;

martyan  =  the human beings;

atha  =  thus;

sarvatah  =  from everything;

ca  =  and.

The order carriers of Lord Vishnu, who are worshiped even by the demigods, possess wonderful bodily features exactly like those of Vishnu and are very rarely seen. The Vishnudutas protect the devotees of the Lord from the hands of enemies, from envious persons and even from my jurisdiction, as well as from natural disturbances.

Yamaraja has specifically described the qualities of the Vishnudutas to convince his own servants not to be envious of them. Yamaraja warned the Yamadutas that the Vishnudutas are worshiped with respectful obeisances by the demigods and are always very alert to protect the devotees of the Lord from the hands of enemies, from natural disturbances and from all dangerous conditions in this material world.

To be continued  ...


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