"Brahma's Prayers for Creative Energy"




Slokam- 1 to 44.


Brahmâ's Prayers for Creative Energy.


(1) Brahmâ said: 'Today, after a long time, I may know that the embodied beings that do not know You of Your ways as the Supreme Lord are not safe in this life. There is none beyond You, o my Lord, and anything that appears to be so can never be the absolute; You are the power because of which there is the mixture of the material energy. (2) That form, which is always free from material ignorance, advented with the manifestation of Your internal potency for the sake of the devotees as the original incarnation in hundreds of forms and is the source of the lotus flower from which I myself originated. (3) O my Lord, beyond You I see no form that is superior to your eternal form of bliss, that is without changes and deterioration of potency; You are the one and only Creator of the cosmic manifestation and the nonmaterial Supreme Soul itself; I who takes pride in the identification with the body and senses am surrendered to You. (4) That form, or however You make Your presence, is all-auspicious for the entire universe and benefits our meditation, and to You, Supreme Lord, who are the manifested for us devotees, I offer my obeisances; unto You I perform that which is neglected by persons who are heading for hell in their concern with material topics. (5) Those who inside only smell the aroma of Your lotus feet, through their ears hearing the sounds of devotional service, are in acceptance of the school of transcendence and for them, Your own devotees, there is never the separation of You from the lotus of their hearts, o Lord. (6) Until then there will be the immense fear, lamentation and also avarice about wealth, the body, relatives and paraphernalia, in which till that time, as long as the people of the word do not take to the shelter of the safety of Your lotus feet, one will be full of anxieties in undertaking to the perishable of the possessive. (7) How unfortunate are they who are bereft of the memory of Your topics; tied down by inauspiciousness and their senses turned against, they act to their desires finding happiness for only a brief moment: they are poor fellows who's minds are overwhelmed by greed and whose activities are full of stress. (8) Their always being troubled by [neurotic] hunger, thirst and their three humors [mucus, bile and wind], winter and summer, wind and rain and many other disturbances as also by a strong sex drive and an inevitable anger, I see all together as most unbearable, o great actor - it aggrieves me a lot. (9) As long as the people in the separatism of the body are set to sense-gratification that continues under the influence of the illusive energy, they cannot overcome the material of existence, although on itself the many miseries brought by fruitive activities bear no factual meaning [to the soul]. (10) During the day they are engaged in stressful labor and at night they suffer insomnia because of their ruminations that break their intelligence and sleep constantly; the divine order frustrates their plans and also the wise, o my Lord, who turned against Your topics, stay around in this world. (11) Unto You cent percent united in devotion, with You residing on the lotus of their hearts, the devotees who are on the path of hearing, o my Lord, see You in the here and now in Your causeless mercy manifesting Your very same transcendental form, according whatever they specifically think of You as the multi glorious One in their mediation's. (12) You are never very satisfied by the pompous arrangement of worship with all the paraphernalia of the godly attendants whose hearts are full of desire about that which you show the living beings as a causeless mercy, but which for the non-devoted is unavailable: that You are the one and only that is perceived differently by all who is the well wishing friend and the soul within. (13) But of the people therefore who worship You as the Supreme Person with various fruitive activities, vedic rituals, charities, severe austerities and transcendental service, simply for pleasing You with their dutiful offerings at any time, one can never say that they go in vain.


(14) Let me bring my obeisances unto You, who are this Supreme, who in enjoying pastimes in the matter of the cosmic creation, maintenance and destruction, for sure is distinguished by the glories of the eternal original form: all glory to the intelligence of the self knowledge after Your Transcendence of the illusory conception. (15) I take shelter of the Unborn one whose incarnations, transcendental qualities and activities are all mysterious; of Him whose names invoked at the time of leaving this life, even unconsciously, immediately for sure take away the accumulated sins of many many lives and open up immortality. (16) The one who indeed with me and Siva's the Almighty personality and the cause of maintenance, creation and dissolution rooting in the soul, penetrated [this world] growing three trunks as the one and only to the many branches; unto Him, the Personality of Godhead, this tree of the planetary systems, my obeisances. (17) As long as the people in general are engaged in unwanted activities and are negligent of your beneficial activities in the fixed acts of their own business, will the struggle for existence of these people be very tough and all run into shambles; let there be My obeisances unto Him who operates as the eternal of time. (18) To You whom I also fear, although I exist in a place that lasts for two parârdha's [2 x 50 years, with one day and night being two times 4.32 billion earthly years: 311.04 trillion years] and are respected in all the worlds having undergone severe penances for many years for self realization, I nevertheless offer My respectful obeisances my Lord, Supreme Personality and enjoyer of all sacrifices. (19) By the power of your own will You project yourself among the lower and the human beings, among the empowered ones and in the different species, performing transcendental pastimes in the desire to fulfill your obligations to which you are never under the material influence but for sure are manifesting your divine form; my obeisances to that primeval Lord, the Supreme Personality. (20) In spite of having accepted the influence of the fivefold interaction of the senses you remain unaffected and sleep lying down on the snake bed happy to be in touch within the waters of devastation with its violent waves - and that You do so for the maintenance of the different entities in your abdomen, showing the chain of the intelligent Your happiness. (21) Unto Him of whom I, from the lotus house sprouting from the navel, manifested to assist Him, the worshipable one, in the creation of the three worlds; unto Him who has the universe in His abdomen and unto Him whose eyes are blossoming like lotuses after the end of the union of His sleep, my obeisances.


(22) Let He, the Lord of all universes, the one friend and philosopher, the Super soul who by the mode of goodness gives happiness as the Supreme Lord of the six opulence's [beauty, intelligence, penance, power, fame and wealth], for sure give Me the power of introspection so that I will be able to create as before this universe in surrender and love with Him. (23) To this benefactor of the surrendered soul, who [as Râma] enjoys with the goddess of fortune [Lakshmi] in whatever He may enact from His internal potency with the accepting of incarnations of goodness, I pray that I may create gifted with His omnipotency and that in spite of the material affection of my heart engaged in the work, I will also be able to stop with all of it. (24) I pray that I, who was born from the lake of the Supreme Person His navel as the energy of the total universe to the manifestation of the variegatedness of the unlimitedly powerful of Him, that I may not lose sight of the sound vibrations of the Vedic truth. (25) And may He, the Supreme Lord who is unlimitedly merciful in his ultimate love and His smiles in opening His lotus eyes for the flourishing and glory of the cosmic creation, with His sweet words as the oldest and Original Person lovingly remove our dejection.'


(26) Maitreya said: 'After thus regarding the source of His appearance in penance, knowledge and concentration of mind, as far as possible giving thought to the words of his prayer, he felt silent as if tired. (27-28) Madhusûdana [Krishna as the killer of Madhu] saw the sincerity of Brahmâ and his being depressed at heart about the devastating waters of the age. Seeing him sufficiently anxious about His science to the situation of the planet, He in deep thoughtful words spoke to him removing that way his anxiety.


(29) The Supreme Lord said: 'You who has the depth of all vedic wisdom: do not despair on the endeavor of creation. What you have set yourselves to and pray for, I for sure have already granted before. (30) As before set yourself to penance and the principles of knowledge to be sure of my support and from those qualifications you will see all the worlds disclosed within your heart, o brahmin. (31) Then, when to the universe you are fully absorbed connected in devotion, you shall see Me as spread throughout, o Brahmâ, and that you, all the worlds and all beings, are part of Me. (32) The time that you see Me in all living entities and the universe the way fire is present in wood, then without doubt you'll be able to abandon the weakness. (33) When you have freed your soul from the material ideas of your senses under the influence of the modes, you will, thus seeing, find your pure in relating to Me and will enjoy the spiritual kingdom. (34) With all the variety of service and the desire to expand the population innumerably, your soul will never be saddened; concerning you My causeless mercy will be forever. (35) You are the original sage; the vicious mode of passion will never encroach upon you because, despite of your generating progeny, your mind is always narrowed down to Me. (36) Although for the conditioned soul I am difficult to be known, I Myself am known today by you because you understand Me as not being made of matter, senses, modes and the bewilderment of the self. (37) To you, when you tried to figure Me out contemplating the source of the lotus through its stem in the water, I showed myself from within. (38) The prayers you did for Me, o Brahmâ, put into My words, enumerating My glories or the penance and your faith; consider all these as the result of My causeless mercy. (39) Let with all this that pleased Me, all benediction rest upon you, who in your desire prayed for the conquest of all the worlds by nicely describing My qualities and My being above them. (40) May whatever person, who regularly prays this way with these verses, of his worship very soon see all his desires fulfilled, for I am the Lord of all benediction. (41) By the good works, penances, sacrifices, charities and the absorption in yoga that are done in love for me Me, will the human being find its ultimate success, so is the opinion of they who know the reality. (42) I am the Super soul, the director of all other souls, the dearest being of all that is dear and certainly one should therefore direct all the attachment in which one 's body and mind are so dear, towards Me. (43) With the command of your knowledge of the Veda and with your body that directly found its life from the Soul, now generate the lives, which also lie in Me, as it was done here before.


(44) Maitreya said: 'After thus instructing him, the creator of the universe, did the primeval original Lord in His personal form of Nârâyana disappear.'


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