"The Hymn of the Original Person Confirmed"




Slokam- 1 to 46.



The Hymn of the Original Person Confirmed.



(1) The Creator said: 'Voicing the fire the mouth is the center generating the hymns to which there are seven coverings [worlds ...] of offering the nectar and all sorts of food to the tongue in respect of all the delicate.



 (2) To the nose there is the life-air and the air outside for the generation of the transcendental experience of longevity [the As'vini demigods] with all the medicinal herbs and the taking of pleasure in fragrances.



 (3) The eyes that see all kinds of forms as also all illumined that glitters to the eyeball of the sun accompany the hearing of the ears from all directions of all the sounds of veneration resounding in the sky.



(4) His surface [of the Universal Form] is the ground for all articles and auspicious opportunities as well as the field for production, while His skin of the moving airs makes the touch surely generating all kinds of sacrifices also.



(5) His bodily hair is the vegetation in the kingdoms, from which in particular the sacrifices are done to which the hair on His head, His facial hear and His nails make for the stones, iron-ore and clouds with their electricity.



(6) His arms, the governing men of god, do mostly provide and protect the general mass.


(7) His progressing with the lower and middle worlds as well as in heaven, providing for all that is needed of fearlessness and all the benedictions, is exactly known by the Lord His lotusfeet giving shelter.



(8) Of water, of semen and of the generative of rains one realizes oneself the genitals of the Creator, the Lord and also the spot wherefrom the happiness originates engendered by the [need of the] begetting [of offspring or cultural products].



(9) O Nârada, the hole where the evacuation of the Universal Form takes place is of Mitra, the controlling deity of everything running to its end and is the rectum where envy, misfortune, death and hell is remembered.



(10) Of frustration, immorality and ignorance His backside is found, while the rivers and streams [as said] make for His veins and the mountains for the stack of His bones.



(11) The unseen mover [the time] of the seas and oceans of the becoming and annihilated beings seen from His belly [the middle worlds, S'iva], is known by the intelligent as the [beating] heart with the subtle body for its location.



(12) Your, mine and also my sons [the Kumâras] heartening of the [religious] duties in the continuity [S'iva, the continuing soul facing the destruction] and the transcendental knowledge is also the dependent consciousness [soul] of truth to the great personality.



(13-16) Me, you, the Lord continuing [S'iva], as also certainly the great sages before you, the godly, the demoniac, the human beings and the excellent [the Nâgas], the birds, the beasts, the reptiles and all the heavenly beings as well as the plants and many other living entities on the land, in the waters and in the sky, together with the asteroids, the radiant leading stars, the comets, the lightening and thunder - certainly as whatever was, is and will be created, are all together of the Original Person who covers all in the idea of measuring only half a foot [see also 2.2: 8].



(17) The same way the sun illumines to the expansion [from the inside] of the living energy working as well from the outside, so also brings, by the expansion of the universal form, the Supreme Personality life to the internal as well as to the external.



(18) He is the controller of the immortal and fearless in the transcendence over death and the fruit of anyone and therefore, o Nârada, are the glories of the Original Personality seen as being immeasurable.




(19) Beyond the material covering of the three worlds you should know the Supreme refuge of all the living beings as the one fourth that gives the immortality, fulfillment and fearlessness.



(20) Situated beyond the three fourths are the ones of the status of not returning [the detached ones], while the others who cling to their family life without strictly following the celibate, are of the three worlds.



(21) Thus neatly ordering the destination of the living beings, the Maintainer rules the devotion of both the nescient as the factually knowing and is thus as the Original Personality of God the master of both of them.



(22) From whom all the planets and the gigantic universal form came, appeared the elements and the senses to the material qualities of the universes, to which the surpassing of that Universal Form is alike the way the sun relates to its distributed rays and heat.




(23) When I took birth from the lotus flower from the navel of this great person, I did, except for the personal limbs of the Original Person not know of the ingredients for performing sacrifices.



(24) For the performance of sacrifices, the sacrificed such as flowers and leaves with the burning material [such as straw] is needed together with an altar as also the great of time [a calendar e.g.] in following the modes of nature.



(25) Utensils, grains, fuel [clarified butter], sweetener ['honey'], capital ['gold'] and a fire place ['earth'], water, the scriptures ['Rig, Yajur and Sâma Veda'] and [at least] four [leading] persons are comprised in this, o pious one.



(26) It also involves the invocation of holy names and mantras as also contributions and vows concerning the specific godhead at hand for which there is a particular scripture for each specific purpose.



(27) For progressing to the ultimate goal by means of the worship and surely also the compensation with the ultimate offerings to the diverse parts of the body of the Original Person [the representing demigods], I arranged for the ingredients.



(28) Thus well-equipped executed by all those expansions of the Original Person, I worshiped the Supreme Personality, the original enjoyer of all sacrifices.



(29) Thereafter your [god-]brothers, the nine masters of the living creatures [schools; demigods next to Brahmâ; compare 5:30], performed for the personalities seen and unseen with proper ritual.



(30) In following those [schools or demigods] also the Manu's, the fathers of mankind, worshiped in due course of time, pleasing Him, as well as did other great sages, forefathers, scholars, devotees, and mankind as a whole .




(31) Unto Nârâyana, the Personality of Godhead, all these greatly powerful manifestations having accepted the material illusion of form in the universal came into the existence of creation, maintenance and destruction although He on Himself is self-sufficient above it.



(32) To His will, I create while under His subordination S'iva destroys, with Himself thereto as the controller of the three energies maintaining the whole Universe as the Original Person.

(33) Thus I explained all this to you, my dear, as you asked for, concerning the matter of never having anything else beyond the Supreme Lord in thinking of cause and effect.



(34) O Nârada, for sure never did this state of mind prove to be false at any time, nor was my train of thought ever in untruth nor were my senses degraded in the temporal, because my heart with great zeal had caught hold of the Lord.



(35) Being successful in the austerities of vedic wisdom according disciplic succession, worshipable as the master of all the forefathers and expert and self-realized in the practice of yoga, I could not completely understand Him from whom the self generated.



(36) I am [therefore] devoted to the all-auspicious feet of the Lord of the surrendered souls, who stop the repetition of birth's and death and who give the vision of happiness; one surely cannot estimate the potency of His personal energies - as the way the sky can't see its own limit, therefore how can others know?



(37) Since neither I, nor all you sons, nor the Destroyer can factually know [of all] His movements, what else then would the other god-conscious? The intelligence bewildered by the illusory energy of what is created can only see as far as one's ability reaches.

(38) Unto Him, the Supreme Lord, our respectful obeisances, whose incarnation and activities we glorify, although we do not know Him fully.



(39) He, the very Primordial Original Personality in each millennium creates from the unborn soul to the [material] self by His own Self His own transcendental presence maintaining Himself [for some time] as well as absorbing [Himself again].



(40-41) Without a material tinge, pure and perfect in knowledge and all-pervading in His fullness He is situated in truth as the absolute without a beginning and an end, free from the modes of nature and eternally unrivaled. O wise one, the great thinkers can only understand this with a pacified self and their senses under cover, otherwise it will certainly be out of view and distorted by untenable arguments.



(42) The first descend of Him [the avatâra called Kâranârnavas'âyî Vishnu] is the Original Person [the purusha], who in space-time is the cause of the mind to the elements of the material ego with its modes of nature and its senses making for the Universal Form [virât rûpa] of the movable and immovable of the Lord [also called Garbhodakas'âyî Vishnu].



(43-45) I myself [Brahmâ], the Destroyer and the Maintainer, all the fathers of the living beings like Daksha [and Manu], you yourself and the other sons [the Kumâras], the leaders of the higher worlds, the travelers, the earth and the lower worlds, the leaders of the denizens of heaven [of the Gandharva,Vidyâdhara and Cârana worlds] as well as the leaders of the demoniac [the Yakshas, Raksasa's and Uraga's] and the underworld as well as the leaders of the sages, the forefathers, the atheists, the miraculous, the uncivilized and also the dead, the evil spirits, the Jinn and Kûsmândas [other evil spirits] and the great aquatics, beasts and birds - in other words anything and everything in the world that is of power to a special degree or of a specific mental or perceptual dexterity or exceptional strength, forgiveness, beauty, modesty, opulence, intelligence or breeding are as if they are the form of His transcendental Principle Reality themselves, but in fact they are only a fragment of it.



(46) O Nârada, now relish the devotion for the pastimes of all those incarnations of the Original Supreme Personality that will evaporate the foul matter accumulated in your ears. I will tell you of them one after the other as they are in my heart and pleasant to hear about.


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