Srimad Bhagavatham: 6.5.4 & 5.



Slokam-4& 5.


tad-upasparsanad  eva  vinirdhuta-malasayah,

dharme  paramahamsye  ca  protpanna-matayo ’py  uta.

tat  =  of that holy place;

upasparsanat  =  from bathing in that water or touching it;

eva  =  only;

vinirdhuta  =  completely washed away;

mala-asayah  =  whose impure desires;

dharme  =  to the practices;

paramahamsye  =  executed by the topmost class of sannyāsīs;

ca  =  also;

protpanna  =  highly inclined;

matayah  =  whose minds;

api uta  =  although;


tepire  tapa  evograṁ   pitradesena yantritah,

praja-vivrddhaye   yattan  devarṣis  tan  dadarsa  ha.

tepire  =  they executed;

tapah  =  penances;

eva  =  certainly;

ugram  =  severe;

pitr-adesena  =  by the order of their father;

yantritah  =  engaged;

praja-vivrddhaye  =  for the purpose of increasing the population;

yattan  =  ready;

devarsih  =  the great sage Nārada;

tan  =  them;

dadarsa  =  visited;

ha  =  indeed.

In that holy place, the Haryasvas began regularly touching the lake’s waters and bathing in them.

Gradually becoming very much purified, they became inclined toward the activities of paramahamsas.

Nevertheless, because their father had ordered them to increase the population, they performed severe austerities to fulfill his desires.

One day, when the great sage Narada saw those boys performing such fine austerities to increase the population, Narada approached them.

To be continued  ...


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