Srimad Bhagavatham: 6.5.3




tatra narayana-saras  tirtham  sindhu-samudrayoh,

sangamo  yatra  sumahan  muni-siddha-nisevitam.

tatra  =  in that direction;

narayana-sarah  =  the lake named Nārāyaṇa-saras;

tirtham  =  very holy place;

sindhu-samudrayoh  =  of the River Sindhu and the sea;

sangamah  =  confluence;

yatra  =  where;

su-mahat  =  very great;

muni  =  by sages;

siddha  =  and perfected human beings;

nisevitam  =  frequented.

In the west, where the River Sindhu meets the sea, there is a great place of pilgrimage known as Narayana-saras. Many sages and others advanced in spiritual consciousness live there.

To be continued  ...

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