Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.5.2.

Srimad Bhagavatham :


Chapter-5. ( Narada Maharishi Cursed by Prajapati Daksha )


aprthag-dharma-silas  te  sarve  dakshayana  nrpa,

pitra  proktah  praja-sarge  praticim  prayayur  disam.

aprthak  =  alike in;

dharma-silah  =   good character and behavior;

te  =  they;

sarve  =  all;

dakshayana  =  the sons of Daksha;

nrpa  =  O King;

pitra  =  by their father;

proktah  =  ordered;

praja-sarge  =  to increase the population;

praticim  =  we stern;

prayayur  =  they went to;

disam  =  the direction.

My dear King, all the sons of Prajapati Daksha were alike in being very gentle and obedient to the orders of their father.

When their father ordered them to beget children, they all went in the western direction.

To be continued  ...


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