Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.4.49 & 50.

Srimad Bhagavatham :


Chapter-4.  ( The Hamsa-guhya  Prayers )

Slokam-49 & 50. { When the chief lord of the universe, Lord Brahma [Svayambhu], having been inspired by My energy, was attempting to create, he thought himself incapable. Therefore I gave him advice, and in accordance with My instructions he underwent extremely difficult austerities. Because of these austerities, the great Lord Brahma was able to create nine personalities, including you, to help him in the functions of creation. }

sa  vai  yada   mahadevo  mama viryopabrmhitah,

mene  khilam  ivatmanam  udyatah svarga-karmani.

sah  =  that Lord Brahma;

vai  =  indeed;

yada  =  when;

maha-devah  =  the chief of all the demigods;

mama  =  My;

virya-upabrmhitah  =  being increased by the potency;

mene  =  thought;

khilam  =  incapable;

iva  =  as if;

atmanam  =  himself;

udyatah  =  attempting;

svarga-karmani  =  in the creation of the universal affairs;


atha  mebhihito  devas  tapotapyata  darunam,

nava  visva-srjo yusman  yenadav asrjad vibhuh.

atha  =  at that time;

me  =  by Me;

abhihitah  =  advised;

devah  =  that Lord Brahma;

tapah  =  austerity;

atapyata  =  performed;

darunam  =  extremely difficult;

nava  =  nine;

visva-srjah  =  important personalities to create the universe;

yusman  =  all of you;

yena  =  by whom;

adau  =  in the beginning;

asrjat  =  created;

vibhuh  =  the great.

Nothing is possible without tapasya.

Lord Brahma, however, was empowered to create this entire universe because of his austerities.

The more we engage in austerities, the more we become powerful by the grace of the Lord.

Therefore Rsabhadeva advised His sons, "tapo divyam putraka yena sattvam suddhyed" :

“One should engage in penance and austerity to attain the divine position of devotional service. By such activity, one’s heart is purified.” (Bhag. 5.5.1)

In our material existence we are impure,

and therefore we cannot do anything wonderful,

but if we purify our existence by tapasya,

we can do wonderful things by the grace of the Lord.

Therefore tapasya is very important, as stressed in Slokam.

To be continued   ....


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