Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.3.24.




etavatalam  agha-nirharanaya  pumsam

sankirtanam  bhagavato guna-karma-namnam

vikrusya  putram  aghavanm yad  ajamilopi

narayaneti  mriyamana  iyaya  muktim.

etavata  =  with this much;

alam  =  sufficient;

agha-nirharanaya  =  for taking away the reactions of sinful activities;

pumsam  =  of human beings;

sankirtanam  =  the congregational chanting;

bhagavatah  =  of the Supreme Personality of Godhead;

guna  =  of the transcendental qualities;

karma-namnam  =  and of His names according to His activities and pastimes;

vikrusya  =  crying to without offense;

putram  =  his son;

aghavan  =  the sinful;

yat  =  since;

ajamilah  api  =  even Ajamila;

Narayana  =  the Lord’s name;

iti  =  thus;

mriyamanah  =  dying;

yaya  =  achieved;

muktim  =  liberation.

Therefore it should be understood that one is easily relieved from all sinful reactions by chanting the holy name of the Lord and chanting of His qualities and activities.

This is the only process recommended for relief from sinful reactions.

Even if one chants the holy name of the Lord with improper pronunciation, he will achieve relief from material bondage if he chants without offenses.

Ajamila, for example, was extremely sinful, but while dying he merely chanted the holy name, and although calling his son, he achieved complete liberation because he remembered the name of Narayana.

To be continued  ...