Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.3.10.




tams te veditum icchamo  yadi no manyase ksamam,

narayanety abhihite  ma bhair ity ayayur drutam.

tan  =  about them;

te  =  from you;

veditum  =  to know;

icchamah  =  we wish;

yadi  =  if;

nah  =  for us;

manyase  =  you think;

ksamam  =  suitable;

narayana  =  Lord Maha Vishnu;

iti  =  thus;

abhihite  =  being uttered;

ma  =  do not;

bhaih  =  fear;

iti  =  thus;

ayayuh  =  they arrived;

drutam  =  very soon.

As soon as the sinful Ajamila uttered the name Narayana, these four beautiful men immediately arrived and reassured him, saying, “Do not fear. Do not fear.” We wish to know about them from Your Lordship. If you think we are able to understand them, kindly describe who they are.

The order carriers of Yamaraja, being very much aggrieved because of their defeat by the four Vishnudutas, wanted to bring them before Yamaraja and, if possible, punish them. Otherwise they desired to commit suicide. Before pursuing either course, however, they wanted to know about the Vishnudutas from Yamaraja, who is also omniscient.

To be continued  ....