Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.3.2.




yamasya  devasya  na  danḍa-bhangah

kutascanarse  sruta-purva  asit

etan  mune  vrscati  loka-samsayam

na  hi  tvad-anya  iti  me  viniscitam.

yamasya  =  of  Yamaraja;

devasya  =  the demigod in charge of judgment;

na  =  not;

danda-bhangah  =  the breaking of the order;

kutascana  =  from anywhere;

rse  =  O great sage;

sruta-purvah  =  heard before;

asit  =  was;

etat  =  this;

mune  =  O great sage;

vrscati  =  can eradicate;

loka-samsayam  =  the doubt of people;

na  =  not;

hi  =  indeed;

tvat-anyah  =  anyone other than you;

iti  =  thus;

me  =  by me;

viniscitam  =  concluded.

O great sage, never before has it been heard anywhere that an order from Yamarāja has been baffled. Therefore I think that people will have doubts about this that no one but you can eradicate. Since that is my firm conviction, kindly explain the reasons for these events.

To be continued  ....