Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.2.42.




yarhy  uparata-dhis  tasminn

adrakshit  purushan  purah

upalabhyopalabdhan  prag

vavande  sirasa  dvijah.

yarhi  =  when;

uparata-dhih  =  his mind and intelligence were fixed;

tasmin  =  at that time;

adrakshit  =  had seen;

purushan  =  the persons (the order carriers of Lord Vishnu);

purah  =  before him;

upalabhya  =  getting;

upalabdhan  =  who were gotten;

prak  =  previously;

vavande  =  offered obeisances;

sirasa  =  by the head;

dvijah  =  the brahmana.

 When his intelligence and mind were fixed upon the form of the Lord, the brahmana Ajamila once again saw before him four celestial persons. He could understand that they were those he had seen previously, and thus he offered them his obeisances by bowing down before them.

The Vishnudutas who had rescued Ajamila came before him again when his mind was firmly fixed upon the form of the Lord. The Vishnudutas had gone away for some time to give Ajamila a chance to become firmly fixed in meditation upon the Lord. Now that his devotion had matured, they returned to take him. Understanding that the same Vishnudutas had returned, Ajamila offered them his obeisances by bowing down before them.

To be continued  ....

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