Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.2.29.




soham  vyaktam  patisyami  narake  bhrsa-darune,

dharma-ghnah  kamino yatra  vindanti  yama-yatanah.

sah  =  such a person; 

aham  =  I; 

vyaktam  =  it is now clear; 

patisyami  =  will fall down; 

narake  =  in hell; 

bhrsa-darune  =  most miserable; 

dharma-ghnah  =  they who break the principles of religion; 

kaminah  =  who are too lusty; 


vindanti  =  undergo; 

yama-yatanah  =  the miserable conditions imposed by Yamaraja.

It is now clear that as a consequence of such activities, a sinful person like me must be thrown into hellish conditions meant for those who have broken religious principles and must there suffer extreme miseries.

To be continued  ..