Srimad Bhagavatham : 6.1.65.



Slokam-65. (  Because his intelligence was pierced by the lustful glance of the prostitute, the victimized brahmana Ajamila engaged in sinful acts in her association. He even gave up the company of his very beautiful young wife, who came from a very respectable brahmana family. )

vipram    sva-bharyam   apraudham   kule   mahati   lambhitam,

visasarjacirat   papah   svairinyapanga-viddha-dhih.

vipram  =  the daughter of a brāhmaṇa;

sva-bharyam  =  his wife;

apraudham  =  not very old (youthful);

kule  =  from a family;

mahati  =  very respectable;

lambhitam  =  married;

visasarja  =  he gave up;

acirat  =  very soon;

papah  =  being sinful;

svairinya  =  of the prostitute;

apanga-viddha-dhih  =  his intelligence pierced by the lustful glance.

Customarily everyone is eligible to inherit his father’s property, and Ajāmila also inherited the money of his father. But what did he do with the money? Instead of engaging the money in the service of Lord, he engaged it in the service of a prostitute. Therefore he was condemned and was punishable by Yamaraja. How did this happen? He was victimized by the dangerous lustful glance of a prostitute.

To be continued  ...