Srimad Bhagavad-Gita : 6.1.64.



Slokam-64. ( Thus Ajamila began spending whatever money he had inherited from his father to satisfy the prostitute with various material presentations so that she would remain pleased with him. He gave up all his brahminical activities to satisfy the prostitute. )

tam   eva   tosayam  asa   pitryenarthena   yavata,

gramyair  manoramaih  kamaih   prasideta  yatha  tatha.

tam  =  her (the prostitute);

eva  =  indeed;

tosayam  asa  =  he tried to please;

pitryena   =  he got from his father’s hard labor;

arthena  =  by the money;

yavata  =  as long as possible;

gramyaih  =  material;

manah-ramaih  =  pleasing to her mind;

kamaih  =  by presentations for sense enjoyment;

prasideta  =  she would be satisfied;

yatha  =  so that;

tatha  =  in that way.

There are many instances throughout the world in which even a purified person, being attracted by a prostitute, spends all the money he has inherited. Prostitute hunting is so abominable that the desire for sex with a prostitute can ruin one’s character, destroy one’s exalted position and plunder all one’s money. Therefore illicit sex is strictly prohibited. One should be satisfied with his married wife, for even a slight deviation will create havoc. A disciplined grhastha  ( family member ) should always remember this. He should always be satisfied with one wife and be peaceful simply by diverting  his  mind  devotional  path.. Otherwise at any moment he may fall down from his good position, as exemplified in the case of Ajamila.

To be continued  ...