Skandham-5. Chapter-1. Slokam-39. :




There are many famous slokams regarding Maharaja Priyavrata's activities:
"No one but the Supreme Personality of Godhead could do what Maharaja
Priyavrata has done. Maharaja Priyavrata dissipated the darkness of night, and
with the rims of his great chariot, he excavated seven oceans."

There are many excellent verses, famous all over the world, concerning the
activities of Maharaja Priyavrata. He is so celebrated that his activities are
compared to those of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Sometimes a
sincere servant and devotee of the Lord is also called bhagavan. Sri Narada is
called bhagavan, and Lord Siva and Vyasadeva are also sometimes called
bhagavan. This designation, bhagavan, is sometimes conferred upon a pure
devotee by the grace of the Lord so that he will be very highly esteemed.
Maharaja Priyavrata was such a devotee.



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