Dhruva Mahârâja's Fight with the Yakshas:

Chapter -10. 
Slokam- 1 to 30.

(1) Maitreya said: 'Dhruva ['the immovable one'] married Bhrami [meaning: turning around], daughter of the Prajâpatî Sisumâra ['the dolphin', 'the galaxy'] and named her sons Kalpa ['epoch'] and Vatsara ['tropical year']. (2) With another wife called Ila ['the comfort'], a daughter of Vayu [the demigod of the air], did the powerful one beget a son called Utkala ['the one who carries the load'] and a jewel of a girl. (3) But Uttama ['the one of excel'], Dhruva's brother who did not marry, was during a hunt in the Himalaya range killed by a very powerful Yaksha [an evil spirit]; his mother [Suruci] followed thereafter. (14) Dhruva hearing about the death of his brother swore, filled with lamentation, angered revenge and got on his chariot of victory to head for the city of the Yakshas.

(5) Going in the northern direction the king saw in a valley of the Himalaya's inhabited by followers of Lord S'iva, a city full of ghostly people. (6) There the mighty-armed one blew his conchshell resounding, o ruler, fearfully in the sky in all directions and from that the wives of the Yakshas became very afraid. (7) Thereupon the very powerful soldiers of Kuvera, who couldn't tolerate the sound of the conchshell, came out and attacked with all kinds of weapons. (8) He, the hero and powerful bowman, with all of them falling over him, could fight many adversaries simultaneously and killed them one after another, shooting his arrows three at a time. (9) By those arrows intent upon their heads, they, thinking that they without fail all would surely be defeated, lauded that action of him. (10) Unable to bare to be trampled like serpents under his feet, they tried to retaliate, striking back with twice as much arrows at the same time. (11-12) Eager to counter the actions of him and his charioteer, they, 130.000 men strong, very angry showered thereupon all kinds of feathered arrows, bludgeons, swords, tridents, pointed lances, spears and fire weapons. 

(13) By that constant showering of weapons disappeared the master of war, like a mountain covered by an outpour of rain, completely out of sight.
(14) In the sky resounded a tumult of disappointment from the perfected ones witnessing the fight who thought this grandson of Manu was killed, setting like the sun in the ocean of Yakshas. (15) The Yakshas exclaiming proclaimed the victory, but then from the fighting appeared his chariot like the sun does from the mist. (16) His twanging divine bow created the lamentation of his enemies, scattering the different weapons with his arrows just like the wind scattering an array of clouds. (17) The sharp arrows released from his bow had pierced the shields and entered the bodies of the demons, just like thunderbolts do over mountains. (18-19) The battlefield, as it bewilders the mind of heroes, began to glimmer from the heads with garlands and turbans, beautiful with earrings and helmets who were severed by the arrows and the cut thighs and arms that with beautiful bracelets and armlets were like golden palm trees. (20) The remaining soldiers of whom most of them had injured limbs by the arrows from the greatest of warriors, fled in all directions, like elephants defeated by a lion. 

(21) At that time seeing that none of the soldiers opposing were left standing, did the best of all men wish to see their city, but he did not enter it as one can't be sure of the plans of a mystical enemy. (22) As the one with the finest chariot was talking to his charioteer being apprehensive about a counterattack from his enemies, a loud sound as from the ocean was heard that could be recognized as made by the wind of a duststorm coming from all directions. (23) In a moment the sky was covered by a mass of dense clouds that everywhere glittered with lightening with a threatening thundering from all sides. (24) O faultless one, there was an inundation of blood, mucus, pus, stool, urine and marrow and trunks of bodies falling from the sky in front of him. (25) Then in the sky could be seen the falling down from all directions of a mountain of clubs, bludgeons, swords, maces and a rain of big stones. (26) Serpents breathing like thunder vomited fire with angry eyes and groups of mad elephants, lions and tigers were encroaching. (27) As if the last of days had arrived did the sea flooding in all directions the earth with fierce waves come forward, making a tremendous sound.

(28) These kinds of phenomena are created by the demons, heinous of their demoniac nature, to frighten the less intelligent. (29) The great sages cognizant of the highly dangerous mystic power by the demons directed against Dhruva then united to support him and help him out. (30) They said: ' O son of Uttânapâda, may the Supreme Lord carrying the bow called S'ârnga be the Godhead that kills all the enemies of the surrendered souls in order to remove their distress; it is also the hearing and chanting of His holy name that immediately helps men fully over the insurmountable death, o Dhruva.'